Kazakhstan’s Transport Prosecutor General’s Office Focuses on Innovations to Reduce Bureaucracy in International Road Transport

The Prosecutor General’s Office for Transport reported that the requirements for international road transport in Kazakhstan will be significantly softened and the number of required documents will be reduced by a third. “Transport prosecutors examined the directive of the Minister of Industry and Infrastructure Development dated December 13, 2022, which introduced amendments to the regulations governing international road transport. The amendments tightened the requirements for obtaining a transport permit, the validity period of driving cards and other requirements that worsen the situation of about 6 thousand local transporters in general. This is due to the fact that the relevant ministry adopted this order without a mandatory preliminary analysis of how the legislative innovations will affect the activities of entrepreneurs who have the status of international carriers according to Article 82 of the Entrepreneurship Law,” the statement reads. The Transport Prosecutor’s Office has proposed that the newly created Ministry of Transport eliminate violations of the law and take measures to simplify the permitting procedures for doing business in the aforementioned area. According to the statement of the Prosecutor’s Office, according to the new amendments prepared by the Ministry of Transport in cooperation with other competent authorities, the documents and information required from carriers, such as emissions from nature, copies of employment contracts signed with drivers, etc., do not need to be submitted, since they are available in the digital database of state institutions, which reduces the number of required documents by a third.