Kazakhstan Encourages Greenhouse Enterprises with Updated Policies: State Support for Electricity, Coal and Natural Gas Increased!

On October 3, 2023, Kazakhstan introduced significant support for greenhouse businesses. Businesses engaged in the cultivation of vegetables in protected soil in heated industrial greenhouses and farm greenhouses will be able to benefit from state subsidies for electricity, coal and natural gas expenditures in the inter-seasonal periods.

Local government bodies will determine priority plant species and subsidy criteria. Farm greenhouses wishing to receive subsidies must have a certificate of conformity with production technologies. The certificate of conformity is issued by the Committee on Technical Regulations and Metrology of the Ministry of Trade and Integration of Kazakhstan. In addition, subsidies will be provided for the supply of fertilizers (except organic), pesticides, bioagents (entomophages), biological pesticides and irrigation water to support the cultivation of vegetables on protected soil.

According to the new regulations, subsidy support for seed purchases has been increased by 30%.