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Since its founding, Intro Exhibition & Conference has been a pioneer in a number of sectoral trade fair organizations in South America, Africa, and Eurasia. By satisfying the demands of participating companies at international fairs, it has enabled a rise in export volumes.

We provide full services in original booth projects, tourism and fair logistics in addition to pre- and post-fair consulting services.

As a leader in sector-specific specialized fairs in the Eurasian region, Intro Exhibition & Conference has successfully organized events for thousands of participants and guests in Kazakhstan and the surrounding area while focusing on preserving this success. With the goal of enhancing the industry, Intro Exhibition & Conference keeps creating new projects throughout Asia and Central Asia by leveraging the industry’s power.

Exhibition Consultancy
We optimize planned exhibitions for participants and visitors by conducting detailed analyses of regions, countries, and industries.
Stand Design
Professional stand design for effective exhibition success: Introduction and competitive advantage.
Intro Exhibition Organizing offers logistic options with strong partnerships on three continents.

Our services

Exhibition Consultancy

We examine the distinct requirements of every nation, region, and sector while keeping in mind the dynamics of the worldwide market. We make use of this data to guarantee that visitors and participants alike have a successful and efficient experience at the show. With this strategy, we can meet objectives at every level of the show and take full advantage of the chance to network with business associates and learn about new developments in the sector.

Exhibition Travel

As a leader in the field of Exhibition Tourism, Intro Exhibition & Conference has grown its business network by forging solid alliances on three continents and organizing specialized industrial shows. With a focus on designing appropriate transport options for visitors to organized fairs, Intro Exhibition & Conference works with knowledgeable local businesses to make suggestions that fit your exhibition schedule and preferences.

Unique Booth Style

The success of a business during the fair season is greatly dependent on the design of their exhibition stand. A strategically planned and executed stand guarantees that the organization is portrayed in a manner consistent with its objectives. In addition to giving the business the chance to make powerful presentations to clients, this design gives it an advantage over rivals in the exhibition area. Our expert designers will help you create the ideal booth to guarantee that your business is displayed to the fullest.

Fair Logistic

Businesses that want to display their goods at the fair should work with a logistics provider that can provide a reliable and trouble-free solution to guarantee that goods are transported on schedule. Our company offers specialized solutions for domestic and international fairs and events. We handle all organizational tasks, including packing, organizing paperwork, customs procedures, international transportation, customs/duty-free internal transportation, unpacking and placement, handling, and empty container storage, efficiently and punctually.

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