Our Dear Partners at GreenHouses 2022,

Due to recent events in Kazakhstan, we feel compelled to express our utmost sadness.

Last week was difficult for everyone involved because we couldn't contact our colleagues in the region, but we are pleased to inform that our Almaty counterparts are safe and well.

Honor, dignity, and prosperity are undoubtedly among the virtues of Kazakh people. The same people are working on a quick recovery from the tragedies of the past events.

We believe that now, more than ever, the people of this country need our cooperation. Kazakhstan has our full support as they work to establish a more secure and prosperous future.

The order has been restored in the country, authorities are rebuilding operational mechanisms, and we will be welcoming our guests and partners in April, as planned. 

We guarantee you that providing an efficient exhibition experience for our partners is our top priority, and we will keep you updated on the outcomes of GreenHouses 2022.

Welcome to the Heart of Eurasia

Kazakhstan is a completely landlocked Eurasian country that connects Eastern Europe and Central Asia. With a populationof 18 million, it is in the 62nd place in the world population ranking.
Due to its large surface area, it has various land types such as valleys, deltas, woodlands, mountains, steppes and deserts.
Due to its continental climate, the summers are extremely dry and hot, and the winters are cold and snowy, so that the capital Nur-Sultan is the second cold capital of the world.

These climatic conditions create an ideal ground for greenhouse investments. The main natural resources of Kazakhstan are minerals and fossil fuels and it holds a significant part of the world's energy reserves.
According to the World Bank's "Doing Business" ranking, Kazakhstan is the 25th best country to invest in among 190 countries. In the article published by the leading think tank of the USA, The Heritage Foundation, on the country's economy, it was determined that after the epidemic, Kazakhstan will be a country of great opportunities. There are several valid reasons for these predictions; first, the country has a stable economy and has adequate financial reserves. Secondly, the geographical location of Kazakhstan provides certain advantages. Thirdly, the Kazakhstan government is preparing suitable
environments for investors with projects such as the "Plan to Restore Economic Growth" and the "2025 Development Strategy".

Kazakhstan is a member of the Euroasian Economic Union's customs-free market, with a population of 200 million people. There are around 2,500 investors, including partners from Holland, the United States, Switzerland, China, France, Russia, Belgium, England, and Japan, which serve as proof of the country's safety.

Market Overview

Almaty, Turkestan, and Shymkent have the most greenhouses in Kazakhstan, accounting for 37 percent of the country's population. Because the country does not produce its own greenhouse components, nearly all of them are imported.

The amount of Kazakhstan's agro sector has been affected and diminished as a result of substantial socio-economic changes and collapses in the post-Soviet era. However, since the beginning of the 2000s, greenhouse areas in the republic have increased at an exponential rate. The gross amount of vegetable production doubled in 2010. Currently, the amount of greenhouse vegetables imported into Kazakhstan exceeds the amount of vegetables exported. While 113.8 thousand tons of vegetables are imported from Uzbekistan and China, only 27,1 thousand tons are exported to Russia.

Kazakhstan will require 305 hectares of industrial greenhouses over the next 15 years to compensate for imported veggies. The National Holding has approved 41 industrial greenhouses with a total expenditure of 110 million euros as of 2019. In the following years, large-scale initiatives will be implemented

Our Exhibitiors

In Greenhouses, we always aim to bring together key manufacturers of greenhouse industry. Meanwhile measuring their competition, exhibitors can start strategic partnerships and expand their customer profiles.

Greenhouses is an event which is specialized on greenhouse industry, In 2022 there will be exhibitors from various sectors related to greenhousing such as innovative energy-saving technologies, modern greenhouse equipments and ecologically pure products. For more information, visit the official GreenHouses website: 


  • Greenhouse and Technologies
  • Watering Equipments
  • Plant Nutrition and Protection
  • Seeds
  • Sapling and Seedling
  • Packaging Materials

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