Intro Fair Exhibition & Conference


Intro Exhibition & Conference works with international companies that are experts in their fields in the entire process from the international transportation of their products, local and global customs clearance processes, preparation of shipping documents, delivery from the address to the stand and back to the institution.

As it is known, exhibition logistics is a type of logistics that requires good planning and coordination from the very beginning, which should not be risked due to its time-based, high alternative costs of possible disruptions and errors and its promotional dimension.

Intro Exhibition & Conference, we carry out all the processes mentioned below transparently and smoothly for the companies participating in the fair.

Overseas fair logistics services (customs clearance-storage-stand delivery-empty containers-equipment and labor supply)

Road – Air – Maritime – Rail – Combined (multiple) Transport Types

Temporary/permanent entry and exit customs clearance

Storage, packaging, labeling and palletizing



Internal transportation

How does the process work in exhibition logistics?

Logistics planning in accordance with the fair date

Determine the type of export

Documentation planning

Determining customs dates

Arrival date planning

In this context, with its superior experience, quality and expert team, Intro Exhibition & Conference carries out the fair transportation operations in the highest quality and on time without any disruption thanks to the connections and experiences it has gained.