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Booth Design

Exhibition stand design is one of the most important issues for the company to participate in the fair to have a successful fair period. A stand designed in accordance with its purpose will both introduce the company that owns it to its customers in the best way and make it easier for it to establish superiority over its competitors in the fair area with its design.

The new products or models that the exhibitors will exhibit at the fair should be different with their stand designs. What should be considered here is the sector in which the company operates. The company can develop its exhibition stands by using the technological infrastructures of the sector it is affiliated with.

Stand Types

Truss Exhibition Stands

Columns and beams in the truss system create a highly functional space. The recognizability of the system is important in terms of giving a message of popularity. Since it is dismountable and removable, it allows easy modification. It should not be considered only for aluminum material. The lighting system emphasizes the product and service.

Truss exhibition stands models and types in fairgrounds are ideal for creating a healthy advertising area. The promotion process takes place on a solid ground.

These stands are in demand and preferred for many organizations because they are very modern, stylish and very functional. Truss cage system stands are indispensable for large organizations.

Wooden Fair Stands

A type of stand designed uniquely for companies. There are two types of lacquered and painted stands.

By researching the types of exhibition stands that we divide into two as Modular Exhibition Stands, you should choose the stand that will meet the needs of your brand and suitable for the environment.

MAXIMA Fair Stands

The aluminum profiles used in this system are much more elegant and expensive than the aluminum profiles used in other systems. The biggest advantage of this system is that in addition to chipboard and aluminum, glass, tulle, plexi, special wood modules compatible with the system can be used, making the system the most popular system compared to other systems.

Points to be considered in fair stand design

Before planning your exhibition stand design, you should pay attention to the following points in order to reflect your brand in the most accurate way.

Products should be at the forefront

There should be no complicated order

Arouse curiosity in visitors

Attract attention with the presentation

Highlight the company in the most accurate way

One of the most important issues in exhibition stand design is undoubtedly the cost of the stand. Because as the quality of materials and workmanship used in stand construction increases, prices will also increase. For this reason, when designing the stand, attention should be paid to the budget allocated by the company on this issue. Of course, it would be very correct to be selective about quality and to focus primarily on quality.

Intro Fuarcılık aims to understand the needs of exhibitors in the best way and to offer the most suitable exhibition stand design for their corporate identity, budget and exhibition preferences.

Our project managers make suggestions for the benefit of the companies during the design and pricing of the exhibition stand. It aims to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level in design and application by personally supervising the production process.