Intro Fair Exhibition & Conference

WinDoor-Expo is the first and only Door, Window and Glass exhibition in Kazakhstan. The main topics of the exhibition are a mix of machinery, systems, profiles, coating products, glazing elements, accessories and finished products. It has emerged as the most effective marketing tool for manufacturers, traders and service providers for Kazakhstan’s glass and fenestration range.

The modern era in Door Window Glass and ancillary services is in high demand as the standard of living is rising in both private and business sectors. Catch the latest trend now to upgrade your lifestyle

Product Groups

PVC & Aluminum Profile Companies

PVC & Aluminum Window Mechanisms & Accessories

Window Systems, Blinds and Auxiliary Products

Adhesives, Chemicals and Sealants

Profile Processing / Production Machinery & Equipment

Glass & Glass Products

Shading, Protection and Closure Systems

Window Supply Industry and Others

Doors (Steel / Interior Doors)

Door Accessories, Door Production Technologies

Automatic Doors and Equipment

Door Supply Industry and Others

3 Big Sectors in 1 Fair!

A unique opportunity to follow the latest trends, technologies and innovations in the Door, Window and Glass industry in Kazakhstan and meet with industry leaders!

At the fair, where all professionals in the Door, Window and Glass sector in the region will be together, you can come together with buyers, sellers and dealers in the sector and establish strategic partnerships.

Windoor-Expo Kazakhstan will be the meeting point for contractors, architects, civil engineers, dealers, importers and installers.